Manic Street Preachers Unleash New ‘Covers’ Playlist :

Of course, when I first got into Manic Street Preachers in 1992 (oh, here he goooooes), we didn’t know what a fucking playlist was, we made C90s of our favourite tunes, from records, from radio sessions, from us just larking about on our Home Alone 2 Talkboys (just me?). But the band was already trying to get us to listen to other artists, sure I had heard of Guns N Roses but I had never heard of the Times Square movie or its soundtrack. Or McClusky. Through this band, I first heard Working Class Hero by John Lennon, one of his finest solo works which I had stayed away from before this. They also gave me Paul Robeson and made Can’t Take My Eyes Off You a total celebration instead of a pink-hat-and-glitter irony trap. I miss Manic Street Preachers singles, I miss those days of random covers, which were never random, they were as obvious as the quotes on the sleeve, we were being sent on a trail of excellent discovery and…HERE WE GO IN 2022.

Yes, now we have a new Manic Street Preachers playlist, does it count as an album? I have no idea if we will get a physical release, I suppose some of it clashes with Lipstick Traces, but…it is so good! Old Kendall favourites like Umbrella and Out Of Time, new delights such as Madonna’s classic Borderline and finally an official release of Pennyroyal Tea. Also my very favourite on Q’s old Back To Black covers CD that they gave away, Wake Up Alone gets resurrected. Still brilliant. There’s a full band version of Bright Eyes, which, whilst not as fragile as the live 1994 Astoria version (did I mention I was the first person through the door on the Tuesday? And second on the Monday? Good, good.) and a stomping live Sweet Child O’ Mine as a nod/sneer to those who find the band too sour or sneery 24/7. Magic.

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