Manic Street Preachers Confirm Know Your Enemy Reissue *YES!!!!* :

I fucking love Know Your Enemy. The album is an absolute mess, in a good way, everything they were trying to do with Generation Terrorists, but now more frantic, less defiant, it is beautiful and tense and unsure of itself – something MSP had never been before.

I remember someone mentioning Manic Street Preachers at work, “Oh, This Is My Truth is their best” I’m fine with different opinions, but their defence was “Well, that was the most popular” which is a ridiculous way to judge art. Know Your Enemy is a much much more satisfying record, despite the ‘more selective’ audience. I remember my excellent friend Francesca sending me So Why So Sad? She was confused by this ‘Beach Boys song’, but Beach Boys and Manic Street Preachers are two of my top five bands of all time so I was all over it, even though popular opinion was that Found That Soul was the better single, nope, nope nope. I love both, obvs, I’m not an animal.

Now the reissue is confirmed, arriving on 9th September and it is far from a simple release. The double album is being rejigged into its originally planned two separate album versions – Solidarity and Door To The River. Yes, one of their best tracks is now back on an actual album rather than an extra track on the first best of collection. As well as a remixed album, it now has a new running order and two songs lost from the period ‘Studies In Paralysis’ and ‘Rosebud’. Could there BE two more Manics’ song titles? Nope.

Here are the new track listings, seeing Just A Kid on an official album fills me with joy. And damn, this is going to be an amazing listen. Again.

Disc 1 – Door To The River

The Year of Purification
Ocean Spray
So Why So Sad (Avalanches Sean Penn Mix)
Door To The River
Just a Kid
His Last Painting
Let Robeson Sing
Groundhog Days
His Last Painting (LA Mix)
Epicentre (TLA Mix)
So Why So Sad (Original KYE Version)
Royal Correspondent

Disc 2 – Solidarity

Intravenous Agnostic
Found That Soul (TLA Mix)
We Are All Bourgeois Now
Freedom of Speech Won’t Feed My Children
The Convalescent
Baby Elian
Masses Against The Classes
My Guernica
Studies In Paralysis
Dead Martyrs
Wattsville Blues
Miss Europa Disco Dancer
Fear Of Motion
Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel
Locust Valley
Masking Tape
Ballad of the Bangkok Novotel

Disc 3 – Demos

Ocean Spray (Studio Demo)
So Why So Sad (Cassette Demo)
Door To The River (Cassette Demo)
His Last Painting (Air Version Home Cassette Demo)
Let Robeson Sing (Home Cassette Demo)
Groundhog Days (Home Cassette Demo)
Epicentre (Cassette Demo)
Intravenous Agnostic (Home Cassette Demo)
Freedom Of Speech Won’t Feed My Children (Studio Demo)
The Convalescent (Studio Rehearsal Demo)
His Last Painting Baby Elian (Studio Demo)
Masses Against The Classes (Studio Demo)
My Guernica No 1 (Home Acoustic Demo)
My Guernica (Studio Demo)
Dead Martyrs (Home Cassette Demo)
Wattsville Blues (Home Cassette Demo)

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