Movie Review – Shania Twain Not Just A Girl :

I first discovered Shania Twain when Sky TV added Country Music Television to its roster. Her and Martina McBride became names that I threw around, getting mostly blank looks but, well, fate would change all of that and Twain would become one of the biggest stars of all time. Much bigger than you remember her being. For example, she is the only female artist to sell Diamond on three consecutive albums. Diamond is ten million sales. Physical actual sales. Sure, this does not make an artist good, but luckily Shania has the talent to back it up and Not Just A Girl reminds you of just how massive she was and also throws in a lot of tragedy that you might not know about. It’s not a popcorn ride of hoorah and pink cowboy hats, but seeing her weather various storms is great and of course, the music is ace.

I also remember her being on my radar as she was married to Mutt Lange. I alway found it fantastic that one of my favourite producers and music nerds was married to one of the most beautiful people in the world. There is some Mutt in this documentary, obviously, he was very much behind some of the magic of Come On Over, but another snippet I did not know is that he cheated with Shania’s best friend and Mutt is not what you would call a handsome man, so I already thought he was punching above his weight and that means that except when she has to, Shania glosses over the period, a snippet of ‘we met, fell in love and married in 6 months’ and another news report of ‘then he cheated on me…’ and he is out of the picture. I kinda would have liked to have a little talkback, but perhaps that is because he is a lifetime hero to me and to the star of this documentary he is the man who cheated on her. Ok, it’s all up from there, right? RIGHT?

Lyme disease. Jesus, we have already had both her parents crashing in the same car and her husband playing around and suddenly she is having blackouts and feeling dizzy and her whole career is in danger of falling apart as well as her life.

But we only feel joy seeing Shania come back from everything thrown at her and perhaps the doc is too focussed on the star and not the periphery or what else was happening in the pop world, but hell, Come On Over had 12 hit singles. Actual physical singles. These figures still surprise me and you don’t begrudge her a minute of it. Is she married again? In a long relationship? These things are never brought up, this isn’t a serious filmmaker trying to get the true person behind the public persona, it is a celebration of the star. And that does impress me much.

Shania Twain – Not Just A Girl is available now on Netflix.

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