Poem – A Song For B.G. :

Three months in a blank white hospital room.
19 years in a blank white horrific world.
The only sounds
The screams of those who are afforded such luxuries.
I lay here silent,
The occasional drumbeat of my stomach begging for food
Which it knows I am never giving it.
They’ve tried to save me
But I told them
I am not your mission
Your white whale
The reason to come to work.
As soon as you clock out
It is proseccos and marshmallow vaping
While I still lay here silent.
All I wanted was the chance to drift away
Stop the force feeding
Stop the special needing.
I finally have that
I feel my final breath
So tiny but so victorious.


http://www.beateatingdisorders.org.uk0808 801 0677

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