Go Grab The Anchoress’ Ace Cover Of New Order :

As someone who loves New Order and The Anchoress, this is a gift from the gods. When The Anchoress announced she was releasing a New Order cover today, half of me wanted to hear Regret but then the other half was thinking of Bizarre Love Triangle, which was Catherine’s awesome choice.

As well as being one of my favourite New Order songs, one of my fave covers ever was Frente’s incredible version of this song, so I was ecstatic to hear this referenced by The Anchoress, thus…

“I first hear this amazing song via the Frente! Acoustic cover version and just fell in love with the lyric before discovering the original and falling for the band all over again… It’s always felt like a very mysterious novella to me whose meaning further evades capture the more you listen. As every perfect song should, it allows the listener to project their own meaning and story onto the song.

I’ve thrown in every synth from the Fairlight to the DX7 and Arp from my studio, along with my best homage to mid-90s smooth disco. While the original remains perfection I hope you like my reworking as it goes through The Anchoress production process and creates a new synth cocktail for your listening pleasure.”

Go. Get it.


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