Sam Loomis Returns, KISSworld Loses Its Mind! Again!

You might think that when one of your favourite bands of all time has been around since the early 70’s, they might be at the point where there is little to no news aside from maybe a tiny theater retro tour to report on. But KISS has never played but the rules, there have been many many times in their history when they should have failed and disappeared, but instead came back stronger than ever. It’s not all Rock N Roll All Nite here, Toto.

In 2022, the band introduced the Off The Soundboard series, a collection of live gigs from down the years, with different line-ups of the band. So far we have three of these, all in my collection because, I’m a sucker for these guys, no matter which era. (although the third edition which has Ace and Peter is a favourite, aside from the tedious drum and guitar solos, which I have never been a fan of, live or most definitely not on albums.) They are also on their ‘last tour’, which seems to be wrapping up, oh, sometime in 2055. Remember Paul and Gene always said that KISS did not have to feature any original members? I do!

Is that all, I mean it is enough, but is that all? NOPE. A fellow by the name of Sam Loomis (not the one from Psycho, not the one from Halloween) suddenly popped up on YouTube (YOUTUBE! *nod to Tom and Zeus*) with a selection of old never before seen footage of gigs and promo footage from all eras. KISSworld lost its freaking mind. Also we wondered how long Gene would allow this footage to exist in the public space. The answer was…not very long.

But, you cannot silence people in 2022, stamp out one pirate and another will pop up in its place, or in this case, the same pirate will return and give us even more great footage of the hottest band in the land. Yes, Sam Loomis is back and there is a whole host of amazing KISS magic to see over on YT right now, just search Sam Loomis and his channel will bring up enough to keep you busy until we get more official stuff.

Want more on the Sam Loomis controversy and discussion of who this masked man is? Listen to the best KISS podcast in the world, the Shout It Out Loudcast below and tell them Kendall sent ya, maybe I will get my own entrance music like the great Joey Cassata…

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