Alice In Chains Reveal 30th Anniversary Edition Boxset For The Classic Album ‘Dirt’ :

If you want my Mount Rushmore of grunge albums and of course you do, it would be In Utero, Vs, Apple and Dirt. But it is definitely Dirt that I return to in most in recent years. Jet black and ugly/beautiful, these songs are as timeless as Paranoid or Long Live Rock And Roll or whatever your favourite classic rock anthem is.

Now, somehow, this is the 30th anniversary and to celebrate, Alice In Chains is releasing a new vinyl version of the classic album as well as a special edition boxset, which it is taking every ounce of control not to order right now. It is 230.00 pounds for those of us in the UK. Or 275 in the USA. The edition is limited to a mere 3000 units, so I was surprised to see you can still pick up one via the link below, but don’t wait long, the orange vinyl is already gone and I am sure the black vinyl is not far off.

So what is in the box? Not the man, don’t worry. The lid is filled with metal shavings which can be moved around to make your own unique Dirt design with the included cover figurine, which works as the aforementioned magnet as well as a vinyl topper. You get the album on orange vinyl (sold out separately) and on CD as well as five 7” singles on coloured vinyl – Them Bones, Would?, Down In A Hole, Angry Chair and Rooster. There is an 80 page book and a quartet of art prints influenced by the album. A two sided fold out poster, an 8 by 10 photo, a reprinted setlist and a tour laminate.

Buy it here, but do not hang around…

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