Kendall Loves…The Return Of GoldenEye :

Firstly, in case you clicked expecting to hear me sing the praises of the movie, sorry, I can hardly even remember it, Brosnan was a competent Bond, nothing more for me. But then I am old enough to remember Remington Steele, so I guess I could never see Brosnan as the actual Bond. I would much rather have had another five Timothy Dalton films, thanks.

Arguably, the video game of the film was bigger and has outlived the celluloid adventure. I remember it being a classic on the N64 and then decades of legal wranglings and GoldenEye disappearing off the face of the Earth. It failed to make it onto the classic Rare Replay collection and when ‘it’ came to Xbox 360, it was Daniel Craig in a new single player story. Close, but no cigar.

Now, finally, The classic is back. In two flavours. Both seemingly pretty tasty. Most excitingly for me, GoldenEye was revealed at the latest Nintendo Direct and is coming to the Switch Online library of N64 titles. Untouched and unsullied EXCEPT that now it will feature online multiplayer which just sounds wonderful. The other way to experience it (which I have the ability to do too, so I’m getting the best of both worlds) is through Xbox Game Pass, which will be a fully remastered edition of the classic game BUT without the online version, so it is back to the four player split screen “You can’t be Oddjob!” jolity of the original.

(Thanks to for the trailer below)

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