Stunning Trailer For Netflix’s Jeffrey Dahmer Series :

I never watched American Horror Story, so Evan Peters came over my radar when my lovely friend Sarah (who created International Gerard Way Day and makes my life better on a daily basis) started sending me photos of him, knowing that we very much share the same tastes in beautiful people. It turned out he was already in my world after his great performances in the X-Men saga. Great minds.

Now the director of AHS teams with Peters again, this time in the true life darkness of the story of Jeffrey Dahmer in a limited series Monster, for Netflix, set to premiere on September 21st. I’ve read pretty much all there is to read about Dahmer and this performance seems to capture his mixture of ‘nobody boy next door’ and ‘monster’ perfectly and I cannot wait to watch this one. Check out the trailer below. Best watch this with the lights on, I reckon.

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