Poem – 19/9 R.I.P. But Not Just You, Ma’am :

I have no problem with the monarch
But I cannot watch the funeral.
It’s too triggering a thought
Watching people file in sombre
Who never cared during her living days.

Bowing in front of the cameras
Trending later on the socials,
It’s the new way of grieving
But it is not deceiving
Just a new light mourning craze.

I’ve been through ceremonies
Honouring the greatest people in my life.
The same,
I saw relatives, never visiting before
But respected my mother’s cafe customers more
For their lifelong genuineness
Sat at the back of the church
But deserving of the premier seats.

Remember a priest naming me and my sister
Like he had ever heard of us before
I was so annoyed by this
At a time when I should have been crying like those around me.
But I do not have that ability
By god I wish I did.
Two icons lost and no tears were shed in a literal sense
But the weepers don’t have the scars I have.
And only my sister has the constant woe I have.
Don’t tell us you understand and then not drive a few miles to see us.

My tablets mean I can now think these things without the anger.
I still grieve for my parents
But i’ve pushed away the destruction
And it has not pushed back.
Rest in peace, your majesty
But I will not be watching.

(No disrespect)

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