Kendall’s Dream Setlists – #01 Pulp :

Another new fun music thing…I compile my ‘perfect gigs’ from some of my favourite bands. As with my ‘Best Of’ album collections, this is not me trying to be clever “Oh look, it is all b-sides!”, no, these are some of my fave songs ever put in the perfect order for the perfect night out. There is no set number of songs as I realised that could either kill certain songs or perhaps, with the stroppier guitar bands, be too much of a good thing and. of course, if a band does not do encores, there will be no encore included, hello MSP. Please send me your lists @Kendall_LaceyUK over on the bird app, let me know if you agree or “You’re mad cause you left out (insert song here)”. These sorts of things are supposed to be fun, remember, I am putting them together because I genuinely love every one of these bands.

Had a beer? Looked at the t-shirts? Let’s head into the pit…


The Fear
Do You Remember The First Time?
Monday Morning
Watching Nicky
Bad Cover Version
Party Hard
Dogs Are Everywhere
Cocaine Socialism
Mile End
We Are The Boys
Sorted For E’s And Wizz


This Is Hardcore
Disco 2000
Common People

“It’s OK to grow up, just as long as you don’t grow old. Face it you are young.”

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