Terrifier 2 Coming To VHS!!!

So, you already know that Terrifier 2 is the horror film of 2022, right? I’ve told you that, right? It, and its predecessor are perfect old school horrors, the sort you would stumble upon in the video store back in the day and so it makes perfect sense that someone would think of the idea of putting it out on VHS. Someone with the ability to do that, not just my horror obsessed brain!

Witter Entertainment and Brokehorrorfan.com are making it a reality, with three different versions of Terrfier 2 coming to home video (!) on December 27th. As well as the standard edition, there’s a big box variant with great Sam Coyne cover art and also a special Art Crispies version, with a flip over cover, which is the one I would go for, if I still had a VHS player.

The film has been cropped to 4:3, in traditional VHS style but has been full improved by director Damien Leone and as someone who loves physical media, it is nice to see this sort of care and effort being taken to keep horror’s newest classic alive.

Check it out at : http://www.witterentertainment.com

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