Motley Crue Reveal New Boxset :

First we got a UK announcement of a gig at Wembley Stadium (bought!) with Def Leppard, then we got the news that John 5 is now a part of the band, then we got vinyl reissues and now in 2023, there is a boxset of the first five albums. Yeah, I love Motley Crue and always have.

I have only bought Girls, Girls, Girls from the recent reissues, but I love Theater Of Pain and Dr Feelgood and Shout At The Devil introduced me to Helter Skelter, which lead me to my favourite Beatles album and all the darkness of the Charles Manson story. I first saw this band in 1989, supported by Skid Row and White Lion and then again at Donington with Queensryche and Metallica and The Black Crowes.

Crucial Crue will launch on February 17th 2023 and is currently on Amazon at £137.99 for the vinyl and £38.99 for the CD set. Will I buy them again…? Probably.

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