Kendall’s Kult Albums #10 – The Wall by Pink Floyd :

Yes, sir, The Dark Side Of The Moon is a magical album, all the way around. I own every Pink Floyd record, if you asking, but I am definitely in the Roger Waters corner of a fight no one wants to be in. I love you too, Dave Gilmour, just a little bit less. The Wall is my 4th favourite album of all time and thus my favourite Pink Floyd record, come on, it is amazing.

I always think of Pink Floyd as a band that I did not understand until I was an ‘adult’, but the first time I saw them was TOTP as a 6 year old and being terrified of the Gerald Scarfe moments of Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) which was the NUMBER ONE SINGLE at the turn of the century. That still sounds insane. But I am still a long way away from the Floyd becoming one of my favourite bands ever. Gimme a break, I was six!

Then, when I began reading Kerrang and then NME, I heard many bands start to talk about Pink Floyd, remember we were far removed from The Internet at that point, it was not a case of loading up a track. Then my Dad’s cafe got a CD jukebox. This might sound quaint now but at that point, none of us owned such a think and I would spent whole nights sitting down in the cafe listening to the CDs. One of them was Knebworth 1990. Aaaand on that was Comfortably Numb. I was hooked. Holy shit, was I. And I had no idea at that point of the divide of the band but by god I needed this song that remains to this day, my favourite ever by the magical band. AAaaaaaand I bought The Wall.

The Wall is my favourite Concept Album ever, yes it is better than Tommy and Quadrophenia and Operation : mindcrime, that does not negate the power of those other three, nope, he just shows you how much this album means to me. I fucking love Roger Waters. Uh oh, you can’t say that, no, I can, I have. The Wall is Waters obsession made (into the) flesh and songs like Hey You and Young Lust still cut through whatever emotion wall you live behind. Mother, Goodbye Cruel World, I think that I just need to give you the titles and you instantly have images from either the band or the movie.

Now I own all of the band’s works aaaand sure I am much more of a fan of the Waters eras than the later days but that is not a slur on everyone else, it is just that The Wall is so fucking perfect.


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