Let’s Discuss…The WWE Hall Of Fame 2023 :

The Hall Of Fame is an important part of Wrestlemania week, it is a time when something I love that I am told is ‘stupid’ or ‘fake’ suddenly gets a spotlight shined upon it. Brilliant. Soooo, why has the WWE left it so late in the day to reveal the line up?

We are less than 3 weeks from the WM time and only one name has been added to the Hall Of Fame list. Granted, Rey Mysterio is a great name to induct, an icon forever, but the problem here is that he is involved with a storyline against his son on TV. But at the Hall, he will thank Dominik and Dominik will be sat with his family lapping it up. Yes, we KNOW it is pre-determined, but this might be a difficult one to shake off. Please don’t have Dom slap him live on stage in a ‘real life’ Oscar way, that would cheapen the whole Hall Of Fame.

We know that Ric Flair is announcing the second name on The Bump on Wednesday, so I would imagine/hope that this will be The Great Muta going in to the Hall. One of the best ever, even without the WWE touch, this sort of induction will open the (forbidden) door for anyone who has made a splash outside of the WWE pool and I am totally on board.

Mick Foley has already revealed that he has been asked to induct a future name, so I imagine that will be Melina, which seems like a bland choice where the inductor is more important than the inductee, or have I missed something?

Presumably the headliner will be Batista, who was supposed to be inducted in the Covid times. but pulled out wanting the full fan operation. Now he is a massive Hollywood star as well as a WWE superstar, everyone wins if he is the headliner this year.

Who else? Chyna. Definitely Chyna. Nothing would say Triple H is in charge more than his DX partner going in. And there are few names that everyone has been screaming for either. Do it, Trips, whatever your wife says.

What about Bad Bunny? Sure it might be a little quick, but one of the biggest music stars in the world has already done some supreme work with WWE and this induction would be welcomed by everyone.

In the tag team world, the one that seems to be missing is the Rougeau Brothers, who were always there to be booed when I was watching wrestling as a kid. In later years, we saw PCO become a major star on the Indies too, so this is a generational induction!

I love the Hall Of Fame and wish they would hurry up with the hype for it, we only have a few weeks left!


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