Full Details Of The Forthcoming ‘August Underground’ Blu :

If you have seen August Underground then chances are that you have never forgotten it. Next time you get told that there is nothing original in horror, pop in this new disc and watch their opinions change, and the colour drain from their face, obvs.

Fred Vogel’s classic is iconic found footage, in fact, the plan for promoting the film was to leave VHS copies in various locations across the USA and wait for the shit to hit the fan, but alas the actual tragedy of 9/11 put an end to this idea – sure Fred Vogel is a sick motherfucker (COMPLIMENT) but not one who should go to prison for his art. This did not stop copies of the film being seized when Vogel was on his way to film fairs back in the day. “Maybe age has dulled the power of the film”, afraid not, I watched it again a few weeks ago and as usual it was through squinted eyes and hyperventilation. (ANOTHER COMPLIMENT).

Now having Vogel’s masterpiece on Blu-Ray might be a bit like looking at cave paintings through an HD lens, but the sound is just as important as the pictures with this one, so there will be no escape from Vogel’s nightmares here and the disc also gives the opportunity for lots of fan service with a wealth of tasty extras.

A new audio commentary featuring Fred Vogel and Ultra Violent Magazine’s Art Ettinger
A new interview with Fred Vogel by Dave Parker
An introduction by Fred Vogel
A new ‘Toetag Masterclass’ : From Storyboard To Screen
Audio Commentary by Fred Vogel and actors Aaron and Ben LaBonte
Audio Commentary by ‘The Killer’
Audio Commentary by Fred Vogel
‘Hammer To The Head’ : A Closer Look At August Underground
August Underground On Location
August Underground : Behind The Brutality
Too Real For Comfort : An Outsiders Perspective
Photo Gallery

For fans in the UK, it should be noted that this is an unlocked region free Blu-ray and so you can purchase it through the Unearthed Films website or Amazon, without waiting for the BBFC to tell us why we can’t watch another horror classic.

Here’s what I said about this horror great, if you support the freedom of expression in cinema then please go and support Fred Vogel and Unearthed Films, who have already given us The Untold Story and A Serbian Film, with A Serbian Documentary coming down the pipe soon, not soon enough!

August Underground drops on August 15th. YES.


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