Listen To Chris Jericho Wax Lyrical About David Bowie :

As someone who loves professional wrestling and the masterworks of David Bowie, the recent episode of the Talk Is Jericho was perfect for me and if you love one of pop’s greatest chameleons you are sure to dig it too, there is no mention of wrestling.

Maurice Jovan has just put together his love letter to Bowie, Loving The Alien and he joins Chris to talk about the film and their favourite Bowie moments, which might surprise you but it was good to hear so much love for 1.Outside as well as hearing the tale of Chris getting his new Ziggy tattoo, yeah we are that level of fandom here.

Check out the trailer for the film here, which will be streaming on Vimeo on June 2nd and I cannot wait! :

And for more on the film and the genius of Bowie, here is the Jericho podcast :

And a little YouTube taste, but I cannot recommend the whole chat enough…


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