WWE – Now Moolah Is Gone From Wrestlemania, Let’s Erase Ultimate Warrior :

WWE – Now Moolah Is Gone From Wrestlemania, Let’s Erase Ultimate Warrior :


When WWE first announced the Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal for Wrestlemania, I was happy that one of the best in the game had been honoured in the same way that her pal Mae Young had been last year. To me, whilst obviously I was not around for her glory years, the Attitude era, which had Young and Moolah as a kind of Laurel And Hardy duo was an entertaining time and always brightened up the show. She was an icon, a legend. Then later in the week, the protests began. I found this strange at first, having no knowledge of her past troubles but all it took was a look at YouTube documentaries and google searches to discover that this previous heroine of mine was in fact at best a nasty piece of work and at worst a rapist, abuser and sexual manipulator. (Allegedly, obviously – but there is a large number of victims who have come forward and they need to be believed)
Seems WWE made the right move removing her name and just calling it a Women’s Battle Royal, to keep the name would have tainted both the hard work of the current female competitors as well as the good name of Andre The Giant who gives his name to the men’s version.
Now, let’s look at the ultimate elephant in the room – The Ultimate Warrior was one of the last great characters before everything took a turn towards realism and his interviews were utterly bonkers and me and my friend Keith would sit for hours and watch his bonkers shoot interviews and one of my best memories was when my buddy Steve Riley came to my house for Wrestlemania VI, I was on the Hogan side and Steve shot up screaming when Warrior won the titles. Great memories, but again, not a great man. In fact, he was, to put it bluntly, a piece of shit. Now Hulk Hogan was thrown out of the Hall Of Fame and erased from television packages for his, admittedly terrible racist comments, but he did come forward and apologise but no dice, WWE stood tall, they would not have such disgusting views reflecting back onto them. But what of the Warrior? Once he gave up shooting on wrestlers who could out perform him on a daily basis, he broadened his views, or perhaps narrowed should be more to the point – he was racist, repeatedly, not in a single occasion like Hogan, he was downright sexist, he was homophobic as hell, using every opportunity to slam the gay community and it only gets worse. I don’t want to detail his comments on the tragic victims of Hurricane Katrina, but let’s just say that he thought it was the fault of the victims for the way they lived. For me, the most unforgivable thing was how he talked about the iconic genius of the much loved Bobby Heenan, who whilst going through hellish years of illness was essentially told by the Warrior that IT WAS HIS OWN FAULT. Fucking hell, that makes me so angry to this day.
Yet every year at the Hall Of Fame, we get the glitter filled tribute to the man as if he were Mother Theresa, giving an award in his name to those who have gone through adversity, the very people that were he alive he would no doubt blame for their own afflictions. Let’s stop the Warrior Award – whilst his widow Dana Warrior should be applauded for all she has done for various charities since her husband’s death, there is a better way to do this. Maybe call it the Dana Warrior Inspiration Award, don’t actually put them in the Hall Of Fame as I find it strange that these brilliant little warriors are side by side with some of the best in the business. Let them show a video at the Hall Of Fame and have them in the audience to get the applause, give them front row tickets to Takeover and Wrestlemania so they still get to live their dreams, but just take the Ultimate Warrior out of the equation.
If Vince does not look this discrepancy in the face, then perhaps we can have Chris Benoit headlining the Hall Of Fame next year. No, of course, that would be ridiculous, right? Exxxxxactly.

Come Visit ‘Grrrls With Guitars’, Now With Added Kendallrock :

Come Visit ‘Grrrls With Guitars’, Now With Added Kendallrock :


I have been a fan of the music of Hannah Golightly for many years, one of my favourite lo-fi Riot Grrrls in the world. When she launched her excellent site Grrrls With Guitars, I followed it religiously, so when she and new editor Amelia asked me to write for them, let’s say it took less than a second to respond. YES.

Check out the site for all the best new Riot Grrrl news, reviews and videos as well as advice on how to break into the industry and support to push you along and make your rockin’ dreams come true. As Rocky Horror once told us “Don’t dream it, be it.” As a writer, I love contributing to projects that I love so here is a link to my piece on Huggy Bear. Enjoy and make sure you check out all the super talented writers over at http://www.grrrlswithguitars.com


Top Ten Songs In Kendallworld This Week – 16/03/18 :

Top Ten Songs In Kendallworld This Week – 16/03/18 :


1. Dylan And Caitlin – Manic Street Preachers Ft. The Anchoress

2. Firepower – Judas Priest

3. Soldiers Under Command – Stryper

4. 18 And Life – Asking Alexandria

5. She’s Kinda Hot – 5 Seconds Of Summer

6. Stupid For You – WATERPARKS

7. Kelly Watch The Stars – Air

8. Unsolved Child Murder – The Auteurs

9. She – Suede

10. Where The Pigs Don’t Fly – Suede

Grab The New Issue Of ‘Doll Hospital’ :

Grab The New Issue Of ‘Doll Hospital’ :


One of my favourite journals, Doll Hospital is about to launch its fourth issue in hard copy as well as the fifth issue available through the site. I should say at this point that my work is featured in both issues but I would be hyping this excellent tome anyhoo as it one of the best deconstructions of the issue of depression, anorexia and other issues that seem to get swept under the carpet most of the time. 160 pages, a lot of emotion, poetry, pictures and fiction, Doll Hospital is great. Follow the link below :