Come Support ‘Tales Of Britain’ :

Come Support ‘Tales Of Britain’ :


In the world of tired Brexit separations and Trump style war games, you might forget all the great stories that we have right here in Britain. Luckily Jem Roberts is here to help you learn a lot more about this little island that we call home.
Tales Of Britain is an exciting sounding book that will bring us 77 tales from these isles, of course you will get to relive the tales of Robin Hood and King Arthur, but you will also meet others for the first time – want to hear of Mollie Whuppie or Jack O’Kent? Then this is the place to come.
You can help this exciting book become a reality and get yourself some sweet rewards too – everything from your name in the book to a tour of Bath with your hallowed author and trust me, I have spent nights with this fellow and you will be nothing but entertained!
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Top Ten Songs In Kendallworld This Week – 28/08/17 :

Top Ten Songs In Kendallworld This Week – 28/08/17 :


1. Look What You Made Me Do – Taylor Swift

2. Ain’t It Funny? – Anthony Newley

3. Jealousy Is A Powerful Emotion – Paul Draper

4. PS Fuck You – The Anchoress

5. Apple Pie – White Trash

6. Burnin’ Up – Jonas Brothers

7. Pop Goes The Weasel – Anthony Newley

8. 3AM – Busted

9. Hello Beautiful – Jonas Brothers

10. Move – RATBOY

Quote, Unquote : Bobby Roode

Quote, Unquote : Bobby Roode


“I had the opportunity over the last several months to sit down and be mentored by Shawn Michaels himself. So, it has been a really cool experience. Even though I’ve been in this business for almost two decades, this last year has been really gratifying. I’ve got to learn a lot and continue to learn. That’s one of the best things about being in this business is you never stop learning.”

T2 Back On The Big Screen :

T2 Back On The Big Screen :


Steve Prokopy, AKA Capone, has always, along with AICN site runner Harry Knowles, been one of those critics who I love to hear cheering on geeky delights on the big/small screen and this review of Terminator 2 : Judgment Day 3D has me reaching for my super extended DVD edition and waiting to see one of the greatest sci-fi epics ever back on at the cinema, now with THINGS FLYING OUT OF THE SCREEN.
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Asuka Gives Up The NXT Title :

Asuka Gives Up The NXT Title :


Asuka could become the only unbeaten champion in NXT history if she climbs up to the main roster soon. The reason for this is that she is out with an injury and has relinquished the Women’s title as she is not able to compete.
By the time she is back to full strength, she will 99% surely be heading straight to RAW or Smackdown, hopefully RAW as it would be great to see her in a program with Alexa Bliss, two incredibly strong characters and excellent wrestlers who would surely give us Wrestlemania strength matches every time they go at it.
Which leaves a question mark over the NXT title. Surely Ember Moon’s showing at Takeover must put her in prime position, but Ruby Riot surely deserves a shot too – those two together would be a headlining match for next Takeover, if the title remains vacant that long. Let’s not have a ridiculous Battle Royal situation, Vinnie Mac. Let Trips sort it, he will get it done. 🙂