Quote, Unquote : Vince Russo

Quote, Unquote : Vince Russo


“Guess announcers aren’t that excited about Jordan/Strowman. Total, total NO SELL. Hey, Corey—Pee Wee Herman called–he wants his suit back.”

Movie Review : Justice League

Movie Review : Justice League


Justice League is the ultimate watch-and-forget superhero movie. You will not be going back to it every few months and discovering new things, like you did with the Nolan trilogy, it reveals everything on the first watch and the second you leave the cinema it will be forgotten.
That is not to say that there is nothing good here – Affleck’s Batman is awesome, to the point that I spent most of the movie wishing we could just have a Bat movie rather than this mash-up affair. When Marvel brought out The Avengers, they shaded the universe first, giving most of the characters their own chance to shine so that you already cared for them before the Greatest Hits movie. Here DC rushes it, Aquaman (dull, lifeless, no talking to fish which really disappointed me) and Cyborg (Bitter half robot dude, better than expected but still kinda one dimensional) are just tossed in and you hardly notice them in the big fights. The Flash on the other hand is brilliant, maybe it is because I used to watch the old The Flash series on Sky One back in the 90’s, but I connected instantly with this nerdy speeder, who joins the league not to save the world, but just because he wants friends. Every time he is on the screen, the film is amped up and I cannot wait for his solo movie.
So what about the big guns? Batman as mentioned is great, Wonder Woman is okay but still seems like a second division hero when put next to Bats and Supes. Oh yeah, Henry Cavill is good here, he gives us a more human Kal-El and seeing him and Batman fighting together is great.
I have not mentioned the villain. Normally (hello Penguin, hello Joker) this would be the biggest plus in this kind of film but Steppenwolf is less born to be wild and more born to star in a third degree Power Rangers episode. There seems little danger and the three boxes of doom just feels like a cheap and nasty Infinity Stone rip-off.
Basically you will spend two hours looking forward to The Batman and The Flash movies and as soon as you return home you will curl up with The Winter Soldier or Age Of Ultron again, the real heroes in this genre war.

Top 10 Songs In Kendallworld This Week – 20/11/17 :

Top 10 Songs In Kendallworld This Week – 20/11/17 :


1. Look At Your Game Girl – Charles Manson

2. People Say I’m No Good – Charles Manson

3. Cease To Exist – Charles Manson

4. My Love I’d Do Anything For You – Morrissey

5. Never Learn Not To Love – The Beach Boys

6. Beach Boys – Weezer

7. Tired Of Sex – Weezer

8. Peeled Apples – Manic Street Preachers

9. Helter Skelter – Motley Crue

10. March Of The Pigs – Nine Inch Nails

Hey Geeks! Get Set For ‘Rampage’ :

Hey Geeks! Get Set For ‘Rampage’ :


Holy shit! This trailer had me geeking out totally. I used to love the Rampage arcade game, one of my faves back in the day – it might not sound like something that can make a movie though, it was basically you playing a giant monster (three player cabinet!) and destroying the city and eating people. Who could take this on and, wait for it, humanize these monsters? Only The Rock, baybay!