WWE – Dean Ambrose Returns On RAW!!!

WWE – Dean Ambrose Returns On RAW!!!


You know what used to be fantastic in the world of wrestling? The ‘Go Home’ shows before big PPV events. For those unfamiliar, these are the episodes of RAW, Smackdown! and NXT that air in the week of a major show such as Wrestlemania and Summerslam. These were used to help sell PPV views to those still undecided about the big smash shows.
Now that we have the WWE Network, Vince is sure that we all have access to all the shows and now we just get a ‘Get A Month Free’ promo from Michael Cole and little else.
Whereas in the Attitude Era or back in the Hulk days, they would thrill you and hype up the big matches, these days they bring out all the competitors and put them in bullshit matches, like a tag match or a six man, essentially taking away the surprise of seeing Guy A and Guy B in the ring at Summerslam.
Up to the very end, RAW was disappointing. Then they begin to build to Rollins having a partner in his corner on Sunday and…DEAN AMBROSE CAME OUT and as always, I popped like a popcorn maker full of popcorn! He looked a lot bigger than when he was injured and has a new look, new hair and a full beard and I cannot wait to see him on Sunday, okay Vince, you got me, but from the other side, could you not have premiered this new Deano at Summerslam. Just saying…

Blu-Ray Review – The Last House On The Left :

Blu-Ray Review – The Last House On The Left :


Oh boy, I have waited so long for this Blu-Ray treat. The Last House On The Left is, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest horror movies of all time. My sister Shushanah refers to it as ‘That shit movie that sucks’, and that is the clean version! The point is that I know no one who thinks Last House is ‘OK’, it is something you are either totally on board with, or totally against. And that is how some of the greatest art of all time should be, questioning and to be questioned.
Wes Craven would of course go on to bigger, not better, things with Nightmare and Scream, but here he was riding by the seat of his pants, coming (literally) off of Sean Cunningham’s nudie flick Together, the two men teamed up to bring us the harrowing tale of Krug and company (the title of an alternate version also on these excellent discs) and never looked back. The BBFC said no for years, then they got their scissors out and only now do we have a fully unrated (well 18, but you know what I mean!) cut on the highest quality. From my own personal story, I used to read about this film all the time and was already a massive Craven fan, but the only way I could get it was to send off to France for La Derniere Maison Sur La Gauche and I instantly adored it, getting the making of book and any film encyclopedia that gave it the time of day.
There was a two disc DVD edition, that featured some of the making of features seen here but there is also a hell of a lot of good new stuff to discover, seeing as this is nearly a fifty year old picture, there has been plenty of opportunity to speak upon it.
So I will not discuss the archival extras, but if you do not own the DVD then those alone are worth the price tag, but lets look at what is new, pussycat. You get three cuts of the film, uncut, R rated and the aforementioned Krug And Company cut. There are six collector’s postcards, a double sided fold out poster, a 60 page book on the film and a new cover art and the original poster on a reversible sleeve. There’s a chance to listen to the isolated score remastered from the original tapes. There’s a new commentary track from Bill Ackerman and Amanda Reyes which discusses the controversies brought up by the film and how it has been viewed, a vey interesting listen. There’s another commentary with the stars of the show David Hess, Fred Lincoln and Marc Sheffler, which is a joy, it is obvious that they all got along so it is not the usual thing you get with classic films where one actor has a beef and keeps mentioning it. Nope, these guys get on great and their track is fantastic. (There’s a 3rd commentary from the DVD version with Craven and Cunningham which is also essential).
Forbidden Footage sees the cast talking about the most controversial moments, which let’s face it are all 84 minutes here! Junior’s Story is a brand new excellent interview with the actor who played Junior, Marc Sheffler. There’s a new interview with the make up artist and a look at the shooting destinations. There’s a fantastic new featurette called The Craven Touch with many of his collaborators interviewed. There’s an unfinished short film Tales That’ll Tear Your Heart Out, a Q and A with Marc Sheffler and brilliantly, Songs In The Key Of Krug which is an interview with the brilliant David A Hess. Speaking of Hess, you also get his complete soundtrack to the film on shiny shiny CD.
The Anchor Bay DVD release of The Last House On The Left was one of the greatest horror releases and the new Arrow Video 3 disc eclipses it. This is one of my twenty favourite movies ever, but this presentation of The Last House On The Left is definitely a 10/10 and essential for anyone with the slightest interest in Wes Craven’s first classic.

Blu-Ray Review – Cannibal Ferox :

Blu-Ray Review – Cannibal Ferox :


A couple o’ decades ago, when James Ferman was in charge at the BBFC, United Kingdom horror fans were treated like children. Films that our European and American cousins could rent were denied to us as we could be harmed by the list of Video Nasties. At this time I used to send off for pirated ‘forbidden’ films from the back of Samhain Magazine and four weeks later, a slab of VHS goodness would arrive and I got to see some of the classics that I had been reading about for years.
Now in 2018, a lot of the most infamous titles – Cannibal Holocaust, Last House On The Left, even SS Experiment Camp are available at your local HMV on shiny shiny Blu-Ray and again, no one is being perverted or corrupted, except by some of the banned films that are absolute trash, even though they still hold that ‘I finally saw it!’ thrill.
I was astounded when I saw Cannibal Ferox in HMV and picked it up instantly, one of the last of the infamous classics, presented in an excellent package by the cultaholics at Shameless.
Umberto Lenzi’s tale of going deep into the jungle and discovering a tribe who would eat you as quick as talk to you, does seem somewhat familiar, it is certainly riding the same wave of terror as Deodato’s classic Cannibal Holocaust and whilst Ferox may not hit the highs and social commentary of Holocaust, it does comment on who exactly are the monsters and who are the civilized society as Americans plough into a land they don’t know with zero respect for the people or animals therein. Yes, like Holocaust, there are a few animal cruelty moments here, again a giant turtle gets killed, it just seemed to be part of the story in 70s/80s sleaze. There are a few gruesome scenes that still stand up, from a brilliant head slicing which becomes a quick snack for the tribe, to the horrific sight of the American party girl being hung up by her breasts by the hungry savages.
The picture quality here is great and there is an interesting featurette on the 2K restoration of the previously grainy classic. Extras? The last ever interview with director Umberto Lenzi is essential for fans of Italian horror, as he explains that all those well loved Italian arthouse films were only made thanks to the money that his and Deodato’s films made – remember this next time someone tells you your favourite horrors are trash! He tells the story of making the film and commands your attention throughout, even talking about some of his films very honestly “Oh that one was terrible!”
There is a photo gallery of rare shots from Lenzi’s own collection which are interesting for anyone who follows Italian film making, or indeed film making in general. The other extra is rather strange, a long (35 minutes) interview with star G. L. Radice, a strange choice as he seems to have nothing nice to say about Ferox or its making. Still, as the star of this and House On The Edge Of The Park, he does have a place in the pantheon of horror icons, I just wish he liked the film a little more, you know?
The film also has a reversible sleeve and brilliantly, a free vomit bag just in case you get caught out by the cannibal nastiness.
Cannibal Ferox is an interesting piece of classic horror, not as great as The Exorcist or Last House On The Left, but just as important in the history of the genre and what could be achieved with a lot of imagination and a little budget.

‘Heathers’ Gets The Blu-Ray Deluxe Treatment :

‘Heathers’ Gets The Blu-Ray Deluxe Treatment :


You remember when you were younger and you saw all those ‘Classic’ movies on VHS or DVD, if you are younger than me? Well, ‘kids’, now one of our big films is 30 years old and next month Arrow Video, one of the finest video labels who have spent the last few years bringing us all the best cult movies, will be bringing the Christian Slater classic ‘Heathers’ to Blu-Ray in a super deluxe edition. YES.
Heathers has been fully restored in beautiful 4K and features this awesome array of extras…

Audio commentary by director Michael Lehmann, producer Denise Di Novi and writer Daniel Waters

Newly filmed interview with director Michael Lehmann

A newly filmed appreciation by the writer, actor and comedian John Ross Bowie (The Big Bang Theory)

Pizzicato Croquet, composer David Newman and director Michael Lehmann discuss the music of Heathers

How Very: The Art and Design of Heathers, production designer Jon Hutman, art director Kara Lindstrom and director Michael Lehmann discuss the look of Heathers

Casting Westerberg High, casting director Julie Selzer discusses the casting process for Heathers
Poor Little Heather, a new interview with actress Lisanne Falk

Scott and Larry and Dan and Heathers, a new interview between screenwriting team Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski (Ed Wood, The People vs Larry Flint), and Heathers screenwriter Daniel Waters

Swatch Dogs and Diet Coke Heads, an archival featurette with extensive cast and crew interviews providing an in-depth look at the making of Heathers

Return to Westerberg High, an archival featurette providing further insight into the film’s production
Original trailers

Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Robert Sammelin

Yep, that sounds good enough. Heathers hits Blu-Ray on the 10th of September. Pre order available here : https://arrowfilms.com/product-detail/heathers-blu-ray/FCD1786

Top Ten Songs In Kendallworld This Week – 10/08/18 :

Top Ten Songs In Kendallworld This Week – 10/08/18 :


(This week’s Top Ten is dedicated to the newest reader of Kendall Lacey’s Webworld, Ezra Lewarne. Well he is only a few days old but his parents are two brilliant music lovers, so they will get him dancing to these. Until he is too old to appreciate his Dad’s songs and he is chatting to me in Virtual Reality about those odd songs I sent him as a baby – FEVER! ❤ )

1. Personal Jesus – Def Leppard

2. Rehab – Bullet Boys

3. Back To Black – Amy Winehouse

4. People Give In – Manic Street Preachers

5. FEFE – 6ix9ine

6. Electric Man – Mansun

7. Fever – Pink Grease

8. Home Sweet Home – Motley Crue

9. Beach Boys – Weezer

10. People Say I’m No Good – Charles Manson