Poem : Target Acquired

Poem : Target Acquired


They wonder why we feel this way
As they sit in their high chairs
Ruling over us all
Like cattle to the slaughter.
One day we will rise
And their heads will roll
Like bowling balls
Knocking down the pins of our despair.
Look up from your phones
We are on the streets
And we are coming for you.

Happy Jason Voorhees Day!

Happy Jason Voorhees Day!


Happy Friday The 13th, my fellow horror freaks! Alas we are not getting a new Jason Voorhees killfest this year, but hopefully he will not have laid his hockey mask down for too long – with the massive success of It and the soon to be a smash hit Jigsaw, there has never been a better time for the king of horror to return.
But what is this? We ARE getting a Jason treat this Friday the 13th, as the videogame is getting a physical release after premiering on the online stores a few months back. Those who grab it off the shelves now will be rewarded with new outfits for the counselors and an exclusive bloody skin for our favourite slasher.