Top Ten Songs In Kendallworld This Week – 09/03/18 :

Top Ten Songs In Kendallworld This Week – 09/03/18 :


1. Television Romance – Pale Waves

2. Hollow – Desperate Journalist

3. Want You Back – 5SOS

4. Blonde – WATERPARKS

5. Murder By Pride – Stryper

6. The Hell Of It – Paul Williams

7. Love Is Dead – Brett Anderson

8. She – Suede

9. Shake It Off – Ryan Adams

10. Head Like A Hole – Nine Inch Nails

Falling Back In Love With Suede

Falling Back In Love With Suede


I hate the fact that for a few years I fell out of love with Suede. At one point they were the second best band in the world and everything they did was magical. EP after EP gave us brilliant A sides and devastating and beautiful B sides. For four albums this seemed like an unstoppable love, one that would never leave you. Then ‘Positivity’ happened. If there was ever a title that didn’t sound like a Suede song it was this. Terrible. A New Morning was also a dog, it all seemed to be over and whilst the back catalogue would always hold a special place, the new stuff was just nothing to me. When they came back, it was the same old same old, I found nothing magical, I mean Barriers was OK, but OK is not enough when it comes to this band and the album left me cold.
Then just when I thought perhaps the musical divorce was final, the 20th Anniversary DogManStar album came along and boom, within fifteen seconds of Introducing The Band, I felt the amazing shiver of the first time and everything was set again, they were shining and it made me very happy to hear them back to where I need them to be. Suddenly the thought of a new album fills me not with horror, but with joy. Agonising Fanboy joy.