My Top Ten Suede Singles :

My Top Ten Suede Singles :


1. Metal Mickey
2. The Drowners
3. So Young
4. We Are The Pigs
5. Electricity
6. Animal Nitrate
7. Beautiful Ones
8. Trash
9. Filmstar
10. She’s In Fashion

Top Ten Songs In Kendallworld This Week – 09/03/18 :

Top Ten Songs In Kendallworld This Week – 09/03/18 :


1. Television Romance – Pale Waves

2. Hollow – Desperate Journalist

3. Want You Back – 5SOS

4. Blonde – WATERPARKS

5. Murder By Pride – Stryper

6. The Hell Of It – Paul Williams

7. Love Is Dead – Brett Anderson

8. She – Suede

9. Shake It Off – Ryan Adams

10. Head Like A Hole – Nine Inch Nails

Falling Back In Love With Suede

Falling Back In Love With Suede


I hate the fact that for a few years I fell out of love with Suede. At one point they were the second best band in the world and everything they did was magical. EP after EP gave us brilliant A sides and devastating and beautiful B sides. For four albums this seemed like an unstoppable love, one that would never leave you. Then ‘Positivity’ happened. If there was ever a title that didn’t sound like a Suede song it was this. Terrible. A New Morning was also a dog, it all seemed to be over and whilst the back catalogue would always hold a special place, the new stuff was just nothing to me. When they came back, it was the same old same old, I found nothing magical, I mean Barriers was OK, but OK is not enough when it comes to this band and the album left me cold.
Then just when I thought perhaps the musical divorce was final, the 20th Anniversary DogManStar album came along and boom, within fifteen seconds of Introducing The Band, I felt the amazing shiver of the first time and everything was set again, they were shining and it made me very happy to hear them back to where I need them to be. Suddenly the thought of a new album fills me not with horror, but with joy. Agonising Fanboy joy.