R.I.P. Milos Forman :

R.I.P. Milos Forman :


The film world has lost one of the greatest directors of all time with the tragic death of Milos Forman after a short illness at the ripe old age of 86. Forman transcended time, genres and styles. Hair? That was Forman. Classic. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest? That was Forman. Classic. The People VS Larry Flynt? That was Forman. Classic. Man On The Moon? That was Forman. Classic. The Fireman’s Ball? That was Forman. Classic. Take those movies in isolation and they are very different beasts but see them as a glorious stack of work by one powerful thinker and you can see ideals and messages and intelligence that bleeds off of the screen, straight into the brains and hearts of cinephiles everywhere. One of the greatest of all time, we may never see his like again. Slip R.P. McMurphy into the player and raise a glass to one of the best.


Poem : The Censor Is The Killer Is The Censor

Poem : The Censor Is The Killer Is The Censor


Stamp out the colour till everything is white.
Drain emotion from all art
So it is all U certificate
Saying nothing and offending no one.
Make sure all flesh is covered up
Make sure all writing follows the code,
Drag artists through the courts
That will teach them to free think!
Soon all you hear will be middle of the roadf
No Beatles
No Beach Boys
Just safe MOR instrumentals
Bury Roger Waters’ words lest they corrupt.
Television news edited by the state
No one got hurt
The government is always right.
If you call it Orwellian
You’re the first against the wall.
Those novels dont exist anymore
The only 1984 is the perfect year of Thatcherite remembrance.
Don’t you feel better without all that individuality?

Evil Dead Slays Box Office

Evil Dead Slays Box Office


Seems like audiences were screaming for the return of Evil Dead as the re-imagined movie debuted at numero uno over the weekend in America, bringing in an estimated $26 million.

Whilst initially another Evil Dead seemed like a foolish idea, reviews have been good and the film apparently stays faithful to the original whilst not mirroring it exactly. The spirit is there, thanks to Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell pulling the strings as producers.

It now seems that the already talked about Evil Dead II will get greenlit and there is also rumour of Raimi coming back to the tale with an Army Of Darkness II and maybe even a crossover of the two to follow. Phew, it’s a busy time in that ole cabin. Dead by dawn! Dead by dawn!