Quote, Unquote : Nicky Wire

Quote, Unquote : Nicky Wire


“People get happy, people get lost. People cave inwards, people lose trust.”

Top Ten Songs In Kendallworld This Week – 14.04.18 :

Top Ten Songs In Kendallworld This Week – 14.04.18 :


1. People Give In – Manic Street Preachers

2. Vivian – Manic Street Preachers

3. Dylan And Caitlin – Manic Street Preachers ft. The Anchoress

4. Popular – The Anchoress

5. Blonde – WATERPARKS

6. Shinobi VS Dragon Ninja – Lostprophets

7. Negative – Mansun

8. Monkey – Charles Manson

9. Teenagers – My Chemical Romance

10. Last Caress – Metallica

Happy Manic Street Preachers Day!!!

Happy Manic Street Preachers Day!!!


Happy Manic Street Preachers Day – Resistance Is Futile!
Man if you had told me in 1995 that we would get a 13th studio record from my favourite British Band Ever, I would have thought you were crazier than I was at that time. But here we are, 10 records away from The Holy Bible and whilst we may never get anything that savage and primal scream than that (the literal scream, not the band), every record is a surprise and usually, once you have dug under the surface, made a list of your fave lyrics and headed to the library to catch up on all the quotes and references (MANICS FAN, OBV.), they all have a place in my heart and memories attached to them that can fill me with wonder (not Show Me The Wonder, the worst of all MSP singles. Worse than YSTSFMH, yeah i said it. Oh and i don’t really count the football one, but if you count the football one then, yeah it was better than the football one) and send me down a million rabbitholes, whether it be returning to Sartre, revisiting The Torture Garden or bingeing on Tennessee Williams. (Williams is quoted on the new record and of course those of us who bought Generation Terrorists on day one got a snippet of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof before Little Baby Nothing)
I’m about to take my first listen, so expect next week’s Top Ten Songs In Kendallworld to be quite Manics heavy, but then, what else is new?

“But Kendall, what do you think of Album X, Y, Z?”, oh hell yes, here are my ratings for the entire back catalogue, album by album. I would do song by song but, DON’T TEMPT ME. Ratings are classic NME out of (10), i remember GT getting a hallowed ten (and perhaps more important for that aged Kendall, a KKKKK in Kerrang!) and then the classic kiss off to the second record ‘Too much slash, not enough burn’, which whilst I do not agree with it at all (see below score, spoiler, it’s part of the 10 quadrilogy), it is a line that has always stayed with me.

Prologue to history…

Generation Terrorists (10)
Gold Against The Soul (10)
The Holy Bible (10)
Everything Must Go (10)
This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours (9)
Know Your Enemy (10)
Lifeblood (10)
Send Away The Tigers (8)
Journal For Plague Lovers (10)
Postcards From A Young Man (7)
Rewind The Film (7)
Futurology (8)

Resistance Is Futile…? LET’S FUCKING SEE. First track…(10) To Be Continued…<3

Quote, Unquote : James Dean Bradfield

Quote, Unquote : James Dean Bradfield


“There was Nick and Richey’s mission statement of one perfect album, sell 16 million records and then split up in a bout of self-immolation. I remember me and Sean looking nervously at each other thinking, No, no we wanna carry on! Some of our favourite bands like Echo And The Bunnymen or The Clash – if they’d split up after the first album you wouldn’t have Ocean Rain or you wouldn’t have London Calling. Anyway we had to revert to plan B. When Generation Terrorists was released we obviously weren’t going to sell 16 million records so we failed by our own outrageous standards.”

Everything Must Go 20th Anniversary Editions!

Everything Must Go 20th Anniversary Editions!


I remember the day we first heard songs from Everything Must Go – Manic Street Preachers and Stone Roses at Wembley, Nicky Wire slouching out and saying “It’s only us” before blasting through new and old favourites. Welcome to ‘A Design For Life’ and the second phase of the best band in the world began.
Then the album arrived, first heard Enola/Alone on the Jo Whiley show at lunchtime with Nicky interview and then waited outsie HMV at nine o clock to pick up the record.  Gigs everywhere – Exeter, Newport, Cardiff, Southampton, London, repeat, repeat, repeat AFTER ME FUCK QUEEN AND COUNTRY. Best live band, second best album, beautiful Richey relics shining a light on the past and Wire pushing it unexpectedly into the future.
Now it is twenty years. No, really. And here comes another special edition, well actually it is two special editions – the box set features all of the b-sides and a forty page book alongside a brand new film ‘Freed From Memories’ and the music videos from the album as well as for the first time on DVD, the band’s Nynex gig, complete for the first time. If you want the Nynex gig as a CD then you will also need to buy the 2CD version of the album – hey, there is always room for another version of one of the greatest albums of all time, right? RIGHT? Right.