The Beautiful People : Sharon Tate & Roman Polanski

The Beautiful People : Sharon Tate & Roman Polanski


Top 10 Songs In Kendallworld This Week – 20/11/17 :

Top 10 Songs In Kendallworld This Week – 20/11/17 :


1. Look At Your Game Girl – Charles Manson

2. People Say I’m No Good – Charles Manson

3. Cease To Exist – Charles Manson

4. My Love I’d Do Anything For You – Morrissey

5. Never Learn Not To Love – The Beach Boys

6. Beach Boys – Weezer

7. Tired Of Sex – Weezer

8. Peeled Apples – Manic Street Preachers

9. Helter Skelter – Motley Crue

10. March Of The Pigs – Nine Inch Nails

Hey Geeks! Get Set For ‘Rampage’ :

Hey Geeks! Get Set For ‘Rampage’ :


Holy shit! This trailer had me geeking out totally. I used to love the Rampage arcade game, one of my faves back in the day – it might not sound like something that can make a movie though, it was basically you playing a giant monster (three player cabinet!) and destroying the city and eating people. Who could take this on and, wait for it, humanize these monsters? Only The Rock, baybay!

Is Freedom Imminent For Leslie Van Houten?

Is Freedom Imminent For Leslie Van Houten?


Once again, it appears that there is a possibility of parole for Leslie Van Houten, infamous Manson Family member and, unlike the leader, an active participant in the murders of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca (stabbing Rosemary at least a dozen times).
This is the second year in a row that Van Houten has been recommended for parole, but it was quashed last year by the governor, who claimed she was still too much of a risk to be freed.
The Van Houten who took part in the slayings was a 19 year old, idolising Charlie and willing to do anything for him, as shown by the LaBianca killings. Now at 68, she is surely little danger to anyone and has been a model prisoner, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree, a Masters Degree and been a teacher and self-help guru for younger prisoners.
The question now I guess, is if anyone deserves to be released after such a dark crime, but she was never sentenced to life without parole, so the rulebook should have let her out years ago. Then again, you are then on a slippery slope as she would obviously hit the modern spotlight, which would give her new ways to spread Charlie’s words and surely a book deal would make her a millionaire for, let’s face it, murdering innocents. Also, if you let out Leslie then surely you should also let out Charlie, who remember killed no one, I’m not pretending he is a Sunday school teacher and chances are he could cause some serious mischief on the Internet, but more likely he would just share some of his excellent music (lest we forget he worked with The Beach Boys who covered Cease To Exist on the 20/20 album…) and tell us all to love the animals and probably share a heap of incomprehensible jibber jabber.