REVIEW : The Visit

Remember when MNS was one of the most revered film makers in the world? First there was Sixth Sense and then Unbreakable and it seemed that he was on a roll. Then the critical knives came out and despite the brilliance of Signs, he was soon forgotten and merely the tag line to a million cruel cinephile’s jokes.
Now the master is back at the top of his game with the chilling and brilliant The Visit. As usual you want to go into this film knowing the bare minimum so forgive me if this is a short review, you will thank me for what I DON’T reveal, but trust me there are a million points where you catch your breath and a few when you will want to run out of the cinema. In a good way.
The premise is two kids going to visit their grandparents to give their mother some free time to go on a cruise with her boyfriend. They have never met their grandparents before and so they take along video cameras to tape the visit and get interviews with their relatives. The film works because the two kids are incredibly likable, without this the whole thing could have fallen apart. The classics are all here from granny making cookies to grandpa chopping wood for seemingly no reason but to pass the time and later in the film you will wish this was all you had to worry about as things get…*shuts up as not to ruin anything*
The Visit is a great atmospheric dark and brooding chiller and it is certainly worth a visit to your local cinema to check it out. šŸ™‚





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