Thoughts On ‘Legend’ :


The only problem with Legend is what precedes it. It does not match up to the gritty nastiness of The Krays starring the Kemp brothers. Instead of the dark Brit-ness of that masterpiece, Legend is shiny and new, thanks to the style of LA Confidential director Brian Helgeland. This style seems strange here as you revisit familiar surroundings, when the brothers head for The Blind Beggar, the venue looks like somewhere Elizabeth Taylor would step out of instead of the traditional East End public house that the real thing is.
Another surprise is that Legend does not have the occasional moments of horror that The Krays had, it seems like a much safer world here where you appreciate the performances rather than grimacing at the nastiness.
So let’s look the positives, don’t think that Legend is not an impressive piece of cinema, it really is, featuring great performances from Chazz Palminteri and the one two punch of classic character actors David Thewlis and Christopher Eccleston. Yet the film belongs to Tom Hardy. The biggest compliment I can pay is that I often forgot I was watching a single actor and began to admire two very different performances. It seems strange that there is no Oscar nod here, he really is that good.
The Blu-Ray is a little short on extras when you consider the history of the characters and how many different ways they have been documented in factual programmes and literature, but there are some interesting interviews with the cast and a director’s commentaryso it is far from a bare bones package.
Whilst Legend may not prove to be the timeless classic that The Krays is, it is certainly worth a look for anyone with any interest in the brothers grim.

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