Kendall’s Problem With…WWE Jobbing Out Karrion Kross :

Firstly, I should applaud WWE for Monday Night’s edition of RAW that seemed like the best RAW-After-Wrestlemania style celebration for years – ironically we didn’t get the real thing after the biggest show of the year so post MITB, it was more than welcome. As was the John Cena promo to kick things off, the return of Goldberg getting in the face of Lashley and Nikki Cross winning the RAW Women’s Championship. So far, so amazing.

Then…Karrion Kross’ music hit and I lost my damn mind. There have been plenty of NXT call-ups but we don’t normally get their champion making his way to the main roster, without dropping the title first. His opponent? Jeff Hardy. A trusty warhorse who can make anyone look good and is not hurt by losses at this point in his career. Then my mouth dropped open as I watched Hardy squash the NXT Champion in moments, all so he could dance to his old/new music. WHAT THE FVCK, VINCE? Anyone who has been following Kross on NXT will have seen him conquer all in his way, Gargano, Cole, Balor. The top stars of the federation. We were expecting more from this main roster debut, really. The worse thing is that those who don’t watch NXT and are seeing Kross for the first time, instead of being given a new main event player to shake things up, will have seen someone out of their depth – which is something that Kross never is in his NXT guise. I’m guessing that Vince will now do the classic RAW ‘let them fight again!’ thing, with Kross winning this time, but you only get one chance to make a first impression and you blew it, Mr McMahon, on an otherwise totally triumphant show. *bangs head*


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