Kendall Loves…Wrestlemania 2022 :

Okay, in case you have not enjoyed the 8 hours of Wrestlemania yet, I will leave a lil space here, the only spoiler is that I greatly enjoyed both nights, now go away and watch and the rest of you, let’s reminisce…






Holy shit! Wrestlemania this year was so much better than I was expecting, surprises galore, title changes, title retainments, super surprises and even the goddamn boss making his way back to the ring. Yes, thank you, Vince, this was a good one. Sure, you could still do it in one night, but that seems a pointless drum to keep banging as we know that this will continue in this way. I guess what it means is that you can have a ‘favourite Wrestlemania’ in the same year! Mine would definitely be Saturday, although there were more hard hitters on Sunday than I expected too.

Cody Rhodes IS WWE. Holy cow, this was the most amazing thing of the weekend for me, The American Nightmare, complete with graphics and music makes his way back to WWE against one of the (other) best in the business for my match of the weekend. Astounding. No idea where they are going with this story but I am all about it. Belair vs Lynch was another high spot, both performers gave it their all and I genuinely had no idea who was going to take the belt. Same deal with Flair/Rousey, not quite the same amount of flair and fireworks as the earlier bout but still a Slobberknocker. And then….

Vince trolled us good. “OH Wrestlemania will be headlined by a talk show!” Seemed so dumb, even when the segment was happening, you could hear the air being sucked out of the room and then…Stone Cold had a goddamn match in 2022. Against Kevin Owens who could make a broom look good. Crashing out on a concrete floor? Being knocked around the ringside? Killer comeback and a few Steveweisers (“No, they are official Stone Cold beers now…” because, of course they are) and everyone went home happy. Well tomorrow has a lot to live up to…

Sure Sunday had a couple of matches that I probably would have got up and made coffee during if they were on the weekly shows, but it also had a few killer surprises to rival Saturday. Sami Zayn being trapped in a giant mousetrap? Check. Pat McAfee being utterly brilliant? Check. The wrestling return of Vincent Kennedy McMahon? Wait, what? I often tell the story of seeing wrestling with my dad during the height of the Attitude ever and when Vince’s No Chance In Hell music played, I was literally the only person in the arena to get up and applaud. “C’mon dad, it’s Vince!” “He’s an asshole!” So seeing Vince take off his shirt and get ready to fight was a dream come true. God damn, Vince and Stone Cold sharing a beer in 2022? It might have been the worst Stunner ever, but I still popped. Amazing.

The headliner, after all this craziness, was a little disappointing. If you have a match full of finishers, then the viewer will eventually tire of it and no longer care when the commentators scream “Is that it?” The idea of unification was great and the build up to this one has been perfect but the final match did not deliver. I guess Roman winning was the best result in terms of where the stories can go after the big weekend, but having ten minute segments on all shows will kill him faster than bug spray, unless he comes out on RAW and gets interrupted by The American Nightmare. Go on, Vince, you can have that one for free.

Overall, it was a great weekend of great matches and great stories. When’s the next big one? Oh yes, the RAW After Wrestlemania TONIGHT. Man, I love wrestling.

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