Poem – Next Step Down The Road :

Sure, you might see my face around
I don’t think we will clash too often
But at least give me a smile
Maybe a high five
A hug if that is not too much.
You can’t complain about my lack of talking
Now in the ‘single’ world
When you threw my ‘silence’ at me when we were together.
It wasn’t silence it was me feeling comfortable
Which is a rarity in my life and I cherished it.
I bought your child chocolate treats
Because I saw them and instantly thought of his little cute face.
Nope, “He cannot eat those”,
Again, a hero becomes a villain.
“You look at him like you hate him”, came next
Just after I’d bought the little present.
I don’t resent it
But also I’m better over here not being judged
I miss the hugs and the pretty face
But I’m good being out of the race.


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