WWE – Eric Bischoff Is BACK!


Who knew that in 2019 Vince McMahon would fear a new start-up promotion so much that he would start pushing against it? Hello, AEW.

Alas all Vince seemed to do on Raw/Smackdown this week is made seemingly every goddamn match a 2 out of 3 falls – great as an end to a feud but not so great when it’s followed by the exact same match. Lame. The next act was to announce the Evolve 10th anniversary show would be showing on the WWE Network. Directly against AEW’s Fight For The Fallen. Yowie Wowie, as the new improved Bray Wyatt would say.

Today, an even bigger surprise…Raw has a new man at the top – Paul Heyman and Smackdown is now under the control of Eric Bischoff. The second name is the bigger surprise as Bischoff seems at peace with his new life when you listen to his podcasts, but it seems one last time at the top was too much to resist.

Here’s to more, pun intended, attitude and less tedious 20 minute opening promos – Start with a match, why dontcha?

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