Hey WWE, You OK Hun?

Before we start, I should say I DON’T want to diss WWE, I watch at least five hours of their programming every week. – more when there are PPVs or excellent event series like the recent Undertaker documentary. I’ve loved it for over 30 years, guess I always will, but recently, something has begun happening that has never happened before – I’ve hit a point in the still too long even when it’s good Raw programme where I just shrug and turn it off, checking the results on Rajah and saving myself some time. It pains me that this is happening, so let’s look at why…
When Bruce Prichard came back to wrestling, I welcomed it. His Smackdown was totally different in tone and style to Paul Heyman’s Raw and it really seemed as if both men were determined to produce the best show. The winners? Us, the viewer.
Now Prichard is in charge of it all, there is no change in the look and feel of the programmes, but that is not the main problem. The main problem is age. Prichard is from the classic era of the product where certain things worked and were used over and over again with great results. Eventually, as anyone would who stays in one industry for too long, he was burned out and admits that during this time he totally gave up on watching wrestling. Now he is back in charge of the shows, he does not seem to know who the best new faces are. And because of this, the main faces on the shows right now are Orton, Mysterio, Big Show, R Truth, Edge and Jeff Hardy. What the fvck? Sure there are some excellent new talents too such as Angel Garza and Matt Riddle and AJ Styles shines as the best of the best and makes these younger wrestlers look great every time he goes out, but it is the old school names who headline the weekly events and the PPVs. No. It reminds me of the old Nacho Man and Billionaire Ted skits that Vince used to hit the competition in the balls back in the old days. I’m tired of these faces and I just don’t care about their storylines knowing that Bayzler, Ricochet and other hot younger talents are out the back twiddling their thumbs.
It’s just frustrating, because of course I am also watching AEW and over there, the older talents are used in either managerial roles (Blanchard, Anderson, Roberts) or to elevate the new talent, in the way that Jericho raised Orange Cassidy to all new heights at Fyter Fest. I don’t believe in putting the two companies head to head as I want to enjoy both as well as NJPW and MLW and other smaller promotions but when something like the current laziness in Vince world is happening I just feel like I have to call it out. Must do better, Vinnie.

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