Warner Bros. Reveals ‘Wonka’ Release Date :

2020/2021 has not been a good time for the movie studios, watching their $100million films knocking on the door of television instantly, thanks to the cinemas being closed. Thanks Covid, again!

Warner Brothers is not allowing the current situation to stop them announcing the release of their forthcoming Willy Wonka movie, now newly titled simply Wonka. The film will hit cinemas (hopefully) on March 17th 2023.

The film is being produced by David Heyman, a talent behind the Harry Potter and Paddington series and written by Saturday Night Live alumni Simon Rich.

My only problem (heeeere we goooo…) with this is THE VERY PREMISE. The story will follow Willy Wonka before he runs the chocolate factory. You know, that mysterious period no one knows anything about (well the Depp version stratched the surface…). I don’t want this explained to me. The magic of the Gene Wilder movie, was that this was a mysterious character that you knew nothing about, suddenly throwing open the doors of his factory and interacting with people, like he had never done before. If I now see him being a kid, drawing pictures of chocolate and being ‘normal’, it threatens to destroy one of the great literary/cinematic characters. On the flip side, Joker was a masterpiece and I had exactly the same doubts.


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