Blu-Ray Review – Tina :

Did you know that What’s Love Got To Do With It WAS A BUCKS FIZZ COVER??? For this fact alone, it was worth watching Tina.

Everyone has a different story of how they discovered the icon that is Tina, for me it was the 8 track soundtrack cartridge of The Who’s Tommy that included her amazing version of The Acid Queen. Then, as I got older, she became an 80’s pop icon, much of which meant little to me, but then I discovered Phil Spector and suddenly I realised her importance in the music world.

As I grew older, I learned to appreciate this 80s version of Tina, her iconic performance in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and her absolute joy in being able to perform for hundreds of thousands of people in concert.

Tina starts by telling the darker story of Ike And Tina, this part of the documentary is no fun, of course, you see iconic stage performances but then they are killed by stories of Ike’s abuse, some terrible tales that stop the film in its tracks, whilst at the same time being essential for allowing a strong woman to kick against the patriarchy and tell the tale of visiting a tiny motel and promising to send the room rent the next day, when she should have been enjoying every second of her fame.

Enter Kurt Loder, one of my favourite journalists of all time, who suggested that he could collaborate on Tina’s story and stop people mentioning Ike at every turn as if he was some kind of golden god. Of course, despite a best selling book, the press still brought his name up and it makes you angry every time you see it here, Tina is a solo superstar by this point, with no man ‘pulling the strings’.

Private Dancer is an exciting time here, Tina hears What’s Love Got To Do With It, originally by Bucks Fizz, I KNOW I MENTIONED IT BUT STILL IS INCREDIBLE, and works it into her own style. The fire is lit. 20 million albums later and she is one of the biggest stars in the world. These sections are heartwarming, only made sadder by talk of everything she did for her mother, who cared little about her daughter, but accepted the house and the money.

Tina is an incredible woman and this is a chance for her to tell her story in her own words, backed up by some great vintage footage. It is also a goodbye to one of the best vocalists of all time, thank you for the music Tina! ❤

Tina is available on DVD, Blu-Ray and Sky Documentaries


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