Chillingly Violent Trailer For Halloween Kills :

It would be fair to say the whole of the last year has felt like a horror, but later in the year, the chillers and thrillers will be back up on the big screen where they belong – and hopefully we won’t need masks to see one of the most iconic masked murderers, Michael Myers return.

“Return? Isn’t he dead…?” Er, um, you cannot kill the boogeyman, that is what an infinite amount of inferior sequels taught me – everything after III and before Rob Zombie was forgettable, from the titles to the action, but in recent years, the franchise has been resurrected, just like its star/villain Myers.

Anyhoo, enough of my yakking, here is the trailer for Halloween Kills, which features an attitude filled Jamie Lee Curtis, an iconic Myers and more violence than we normally see at this stage in the pre-release hype. A win all around, then. (and even a nod to the glorious third chapter Season Of The Witch, which had me nerving out)


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