Kendall’s Problem With…The Queen’s Greatest Hits Reissue :

Well, what is happening here? On Friday, Queen re-released their Greatest Hits album. An album that has been in the chart for 18 years of consecutive weeks, not creeping around at the bottom of the top 100, this is a consistent seller in the Top 40 Album Charts.

Now, I understand bands re-releasing hits albums, sometimes people have forgotten how great they are, or a song is used in a particular advert or television show and it is time to put your ‘Best’ back on display. But this is not a lost classic. It is already a weekly smash, grabbing unit sales and royalties for all involved. If you are going to re-release it, then fair enough, give us a DVD of all the videos, or a DVD of Freddie’s greatest moments, or a DVD of the band talking about how important the songs are here. Or an inner sleeve essay by May/Taylor on their memories. Instead what we get here is…a new slipcase. that old tiled image is now square and…buy me again, love me again!

To be fair, there are a quartet of cassette new editions, one for each member, but you could have sold these on the official site and they would have sold, no problem, does the man in the street need to be reminded of an album he already owns? While we are here, I am not trying to slam one of the best bands of all time, I own every album in the catalogue (except The Cosmos Rocks, as my Queen freak friend always slams me for) in a lovely 40th Anniversary box, but…I hate Bicycle Race and Fat Bottomed Girls and I I’m not a fan of You’re My Best Friend. So this album contains 3 of a small batch of Queen tracks I actively dislike. But then…This rerelease is not for the fans, is it? It is for your parents who had the cassette in the car three decades ago and will update when shown a TV advert during their favourite trash TV. Nostalgia that was easily available in every supermarket and garage for the last few decades. I’ll wait for a new Lambert fronted album thanks.



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