R.I.P. Olivia Newton-John :

Normally when a celebrity dies, the internet splits between “Oh, I loved him/her/them!” And “Never really got the appeal…” This time, I am proud to say 100% of my Internet family was genuinely upset by the news of the death of Olivia Newton-John. One dude in the pub said he ‘Didn’t rate Grease’ CARD MARKED, but this is no place for such crazy talk, this is a ONJ love-in, a true icon.

I remember seeing and loving Grease as a kid and many more times as a teen as my sister discovered it and its excellent soundtrack, but the Newton-John vinyl that I adored as a lil Kendall was the theme from the movie Xanadu. I had the 7” from my parents jukebox with the centre cut out – I placed my lil plastic centre in there and it spun endlessly on my stereo. At that point I had no idea what an ELO or a Jeff Lynne was, but I had discovered some way out there pop music and Xanadu was the best.

I always think of Grease and Xanadu and their corresponding singles, but checking on her career before writing this, I was surprised just how successful Olivia was. She won four Grammy Awards during her career and had five number one singles in America and another ten that hit the top ten. Successful long players, you ask? Fourteen rated gold or higher, with two of those going platinum and four going double platinum. A song with top Kendall icon Carl Wilson? Sure, why not? ❤ 

Godspeed, Sandra D. Enjoy your Xanadu. Xxx

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