Grab All The Best Of Skid Row In One Box :

Okay, okay, this is NOT the entire career of Skid Row in one sweet box, but it is the best years of the band, as Sebastian Bach will always BE Skid Row, even though I listen to everything the band still puts out, let’s face it, the Mount Rushmore is just Skid Row and Slave To The Grind and B-Sides Ourselves…and Skid Row again. In a sweet box.

The Atlantic Years brings us Skid Row, the stunning debut album with one of the worst covers ever which still sounds lethal 30 something years down the line. Slave To The Grind – a number one Heavy Metal album when that didn’t happen, savage and brilliant. Subhuman Race – the cracks are showing and Seattle has changed everything for everyone. B-Sides Ourselves – Fantastic Ramones and KISS covers and more, ‘just’ an EP but still essential and a Japanese live EP which, well, I want it.

Skid Row : The Atlantic Years is out…TODAY!

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